Hi everyone, my name is Akira Hayashi.

I am a professional developer  specializing in macOS Apps, iOS Apps, SDKs and middle ware development.

I working in product development which contains a software development.

My main field is an application development for Mac, iPhones and iPads.

I have been developing low level layered programs such as a device driver, middle wares such as SDKs, GPGPU programs, network communication programs, video editing programs, image editing programs, embedded databases and so on.

We have to learning every day.

I am writing the knowledge, tips, and news into this blog. This is also history of my studying.

I also read this blog often, I believe that it is useful for many other developers, researchers and students.

My avatar image was created with CHARAT FACE. It is funny web service.

Finally, my work website is below. I hope you can see it.


>Programming Tips From Software Engineer

Programming Tips From Software Engineer

Technical News, Documents and Tips.